Should you Use Wholesale Soap Making Supplies?

Published: 07th October 2009
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Tons of people ask me; "Should I use wholesale soap making supplies"?

The short answer to this question is: If you are anything like me, a complete lover of making your own, then the answer is YES!

If you make your own soaps and have been doing so more than twice, then you know just how much costs can accumulate!

Using wholesale soap making supplies can save you TONS of money. Believe me, I should know because I've been there- done that. I used regular supplies for a while until I smartened up and realized that buying wholesale soap making supplies was a lot cheaper!

I've actually been selling my handmade soaps at my local craft market each week and can tell you that my profit margin is now a LOT more attractive- ever since I started using wholesale soap making supplies.

I feel so strongly about this that I recommend it to all of my students (I've been teaching a few classes at the local YMCA) in my town.

I can tell you that the students absolutely love the art of making soap and a couple of them have actually started their own soap stores online!

My students are pretty smart cookies so they caught on very, very quick. I can tell you that they most definitely use wholesale soap making supplies to save money and have made huge profits!

As a favor to my students, I actually made a list of the wholesale soap making supplies that I use myself when I make my own soaps. You are most welcome to see the list and use it yourself.

Remember, the art of making your own soaps is a fantastic hobby that can allow you to relax, let your creative juices roam free, and give you a shared interest and way to spend time with your children.

But, at the same time the art of making soaps can be a great way to make money easily and at the same time have fun!

Start out with making soap gift baskets for your friends and family members for their birthdays and on holidays and you'll see how word travels fast... You'll be getting phone calls with requests in no time.

That is how my soap making business was born!

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